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About Us

Coordinator:  Rodney Scott

Goals and Purpose:  To welcome and offer assistance to those coming to celebrate Mass. 

Responsibilities:  In addition togreeting and attending to the needs of the parishioners, the ushers attend to the physical condition of the church facilities, take up the collection, complete an attendance count, and distribute bulletins and Pittsburgh Catholic newspapers.  

Helpful Attributes:  To be courteous and friendly.

Training Requirement:  Parish training is provided.


Thomas Cornetti

Dale Eichenlaub

Stephen Huncheck

Kevin Karenbauer

Dale Kriley

Harold Schnur

Cathy Green

George Geist

George Spinneweber

Bob Orloski

Mike Cypher

Rose Green

Jim Hoover

Al Kovach

Dennis Kriley

Bob Thompson

Shirley Widenhofer

Gene Widenhofer

Joyce Schnur

Bill Cranmer