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Vacation Bible School (VBS)

About Us

Coordinator:  Tanya Collins   

Goals and Purpose:  VBS is an extension of our Religious Education Program.  Through Bible study, music, crafts and fun playtime, the children discover a variety of ways to learn more about their faith and to draw closer to the Lord.  A fun week of spiritually enriched learning for the children of the community to come and be fed in their faith, their soul and their stomachs!

Requirements:  Children from Pre-K to 6th grade. 

Volunteers—Be the light of Christ to the children, have fun and lead the children to God.  Create an environment of love and safety while guiding our children to the faith. 

Helpful Attributes:  Volunteers—have patience, understanding and a big heart.

Schedule:  Tentatively the third week of June daily from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.